What Treatment Is The Better Choice For Varicose Veins

Varicose veins range in size and depth. They may become quite large out bulge outward. This presents hindering conditions for the patient. The veins often cause discomfort and pain. Some patients have reported numbness in the legs and are at risk of developing life-threatening blood clots. Cosmetic surgeons offer effective treatments such as Venaseal to remove varicose veins entirely.

Understanding the Procedure

The procedure begins with the injection of a numbing agent. Patients experience a sting initially before the leg becomes numb completely. Next, the clinician creates a small incision and inserts a tiny catheter. The clinician uses the catheter to inject a medical glue or polymer into the vein. The glue is administered in smaller doses until it fills the vein completely. This causes the vein to seal at both ends and collapse. The blood is redirected into different veins.


Side Effects Patients May Experience

Patients have reported minor side effects during the procedure. The most common is inflammation of the vein itself. This condition subsides after about the first month. If the inflammation becomes severely painful, the patient should seek medical attention immediately. It may not present a risk; however, the patient should have their leg examined to rule out more serious concerns.

Common Risks Associated with the Treatment

The risks associated with this condition include bleeding around the incision site. Bleeding often stops after the incision is closed. However, patients who take blood thinners may experience more serious bleeding.

Some patients developing darkening of the skin. They may also acquire visible scarring based on the size of the incision site and the vein. Patients develop infections, edema, and hemotoma, and pulmonary embolism. These risks are presents serious health risks and require immediate assessment. The patient should contact their preferred clinician immediately if these conditions occur.

What Benefits Does it Provide?

The major benefits of the procedure is a reduction time needed to complete it. The procedure is completed in about twenty minutes in one doctor’s visit. They won’t have to wear decompression hoses and recover within a period of two weeks. They won’t have to wait an extended period after the procedure to go home.

Varicose veins present serious risks for some patients. These conditions may include blood clots. Cosmetic surgeons provide treatments that eliminate these veins completely. They don’t present the likelihood of the vein reopening again in the future. Patients who want to acquire Venaseal Vein Treatment should contact their preferred surgeon today.